Fix your technology pain
Get from where you are to where you should be



Whatever your IT issues are, our team can resolve them.


Virus issue? Resolved, online, in seconds.

Need to choose the best laptop? Sure, use our distributor discount.

Disaster recovery solution? Done.

Network upgrade? Here are your options, and this is the best choice.


We act as your IT department, so anything IT-related is resolved quickly, effectively, and at low cost – by one trusted source.

Install peace of mind
Technology as a utility: it just works.

The promise of IT is to make your life easier – increase productivity, get more done, faster results. Everything should simply work, without frustration, without delays, without missed opportunities. That vision can be a reality.


Our team of experts does the work to ensure that your IT simply works, all the time.

Improve your business
Use technology to get to where you could be


Use technology to unlock opportunities. Lower costs, increase revenues, improve quality. The big boys make technology decisions based on ROI and competitive advantage, with input from industry experts. There’s very little reason a smaller business can’t do the same.


We proactively make proposals to leverage technology to better your business.


An IT department for smaller businesses

Corporates outsource the IT function all the time. Not because they can’t hire the expertise, but because they can’t manage the service effectively and so lose out on benefits they could be enjoying.

Smaller businesses have even less management capacity, and even less cash to hire in-house technologists. So it makes even more sense for SME’s to outsource IT to an experienced IT partner.

Imagine how powerful your business would be – combining the savings, accuracy, and scalability of technology with your entrepreneurial nimbleness and customer focus.

Want to know more? Set up a session with one of our Directors.

IT Support
IT Improvement

  • Stupendous service

    We’re not the cheapest, because we are the best. We are 100% focused on making sure your IT simply works, and improves over time. We dedicate Senior Engineers to your business, so they can learn what makes you tick and how best to help you. Full transparency and intuitive reporting. And we won’t “nickel and dime” you to death.

  • Best engineers

    Not to brag, but our engineers are the best in the business – it’s our core value. We cast the widest net in the industry, hire for attitude and aptitude, and train in-house for exceptional skill and delivery. Across the team, we combine breadth of skill (across technologies and platforms) with depth of skill in specific technologies. We’re happy to talk to you about setting up a team to fit your specific IT setup.

  • We’re in the business of improving your business

    We don’t just do support – we actively improve your business. The support is the bread and butter, but implementing technology improvements are where the ROI really happens. Use our expertise to leverage technology to maximise your business’s potential.



Four more reasons to use Dynex.IT as your IT department

Wholesale prices for tech purchases
Procurement from distributors, at zero markup

We buy all your technology direct from the distributors, and pass it on to you at zero markup. So you pay distributor prices, and can afford the best. No catch, it’s built into the service. Never pay retail again!

Pay what you think is fair
It’s better than any guarantee

We’re so confident in our service, our invoices are unique: we list the quoted price, but you pay whatever you believe last month’s service was worth. Seriously.

We support all your devices
A workstation consists of more than just a PC

Your people use lots of technology. Laptops, desktops, printers, smartphones, tablets, servers. No worries, it’s all covered! The standard price to support a workstation includes every device in use at that workstation.

Our prices don't go up
Our automated tools learn and improve

Our set of automated tools continually improve, learning more about your business and learning from similar experiences in other businesses. So our efficiency and accuracy goes up over time, and our costs go down, all to your benefit.

Standard Pricing

Your quote may vary – please contact us to find out more



Get everything working
Free with ongoing maintenance

All workstations up to standard. Everything running optimally, no bloatware, virus-free, all software optimised. Connectivity automated, with antivirus and firewall. Backups, security, and disaster recovery automated. All workstations with our remote-support software installed. Everything humming along smoothly, and all users happy.



Ongoing support
per workstation

Unlimited online and offline support, for one flat fee, delivered while you watch. Includes all devices per workstation — laptops, printers, smartphones, tablets. Includes travel to site as required, detailed management reporting, and easy online logging of issues. Highest skills on call, on the phone, online, or on site. We’re not the cheapest (although we’re close), but we are the best.



Improvement Projects
Quote per improvement

Your outsourced IT department as trusted advisors, identifying areas for technology to save costs, increase revenue, or free up time. Buy new hardware and software at distributor prices, improve your network, install servers. Address new market opportunities, expand online, or automate repetitive processes.

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